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Taiwan’s junior league baseball team from Taipei remained undefeated, beating Texas to claim the title!  More here.  Here’s hoping that the little league team can pull it off as well.

Addendum: Congratulations to the Taiwan little league team in placing third.  Tough loss to Japan in the international finals.


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“Yet here is Gingrich attempting to out-Palin Palin on Fox News: “Nazis don’t have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust Museum in Washington.” There is no more demagogic analogy than that.

Have any of the screaming critics noticed that there already are two mosques in the same neighborhood — one four blocks away and one 12 blocks away.

Should they be dismantled? And what about the louche liquor stores and strip clubs in the periphery of the sacred ground?”

Outright wrong:

“No. The overriding principle in free speech law is that any restriction on, say, putting up a sign should be viewpoint-neutral. In other words, the government can’t silence a speaker based on the content of his message without a really, really good reason. (There are a handful of exceptions, like obscenity and defamation, but none of them apply here.) If a well-funded group of anti-Semites wanted to set up a reading room where young Nazis could gather to contemplate Mein Kampf and sip ice-cold Fanta, Uncle Sam couldn’t stop them, even if their plot were located two blocks from the Holocaust museum.”


“This view leads Christian Reconstructionists to take extreme positions, which in turn makes finding people willing to speak about the influence of Christian Reconstructionism on their views rare indeed. “Most people don’t admit to it, because there’s a lot of things in Christian Reconstruction that they’d rather not get associated with,” explained Sarah Posner, an associate editor for Religion Dispatches and expert on the Christian right. “For example, the death penalty for homosexuality. Or they think that certain types of slavery were permitted by the Bible.”

As Christian Reconstructionists’ views got absorbed into the home-schooling movement and entered American politics more broadly, their dark roots have been largely forgotten. By now, politicians who parrot the ideology might have no idea from whence it originated, Posner points out. But over the years, it’s had a strong influence on mainstream evangelicals. And lately, it is dovetailing with the ideology of the Tea Party in a whole new way.”


“Alaskans tend to live with their contradictions in these recessionary times. No place benefits more from federal largess than this state, where the Republican governor decries “intrusive” federal policies, officials sue to overturn the health care legislation and Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, voted against the stimulus bill.

Although its unemployment rate sits at just 7.9 percent, about two percentage points below the national rate, Alaska has received $3,145 per capita in federal stimulus dollars, the most in the nation, according to figures compiled by Pro Publica, an investigative Web site. Nevada, by contrast, has an unemployment rate north of 14 percent and has received $1,034 per capita in recovery aid. Florida’s jobless rate is 11.4 percent, and the state has obtained $914 per capita.”

A lovely segment of society…

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